President Lamina Ba has sent congratulation Message to the New President of EDP, Mr Mushe Semu

The African Liberal Network president Mr Lamina Ba has sent a congratulation message to Mr Mushe and EDP members on their recently held and successful National Party conference.Since the former President of EDP, Mr Lidetu’s, meeting in London last year with officials from African Liberal Network and Liberal International, Mr Ba have been kept informed of the forthcoming EDP Conference through his office in London.

Following the conclusion of the conference, EDP has reaffirmed its commitment to democratic principles inside and outside the party. In his message and article released through their web site, African Liberal Network, has applauded EDP extraordinary smooth transition and has called it an example for other parties in Ethiopia.

In keeping with Ethiopia’s historical role on many major issues in Africa, EDP accepts its responsibility and sees  its future role as a major contributor to Liberalism, building Democratic institutions and a culture of accountability to citizens in Ethiopia and Africa.

EDP and African Liberal Network are currently working on a number of proposals for exchange of ideas and  capacity building. One such proposal has been the long held intention of African Liberals to organise a meeting in Addis Abeba. EDP officials has expressed their intention to facilitate such a meeting.

Here is the press release from African Liberal Network

source – Ethiofact

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