Lidetu Ayalew

Ato Lidetu’s Court Hearing on 15th October, 2020

Today Ato Lidetu, one of EDP’s leadership, appeared at Adama High Court. As the Bishoftu police repeatedly defied the Court order to release him on bail, the Court once again ordered the Oromia Police Commission to release Ato Lidetu immediately.

The Court further instructed the police, to serve the notice to the Bishoftu Police chief to appear in person on 19 Oct 2020 and explain to the Court why he refused to release Ato Lidetu.

When asked by Ato Lidetu why the police didn’t enforce the court order, the Court responded, ‘by refusing to release Ato Lidetu on bail, the police are in contempt of court and the constitution’. The judge remarked in frustration that he is not in a position to send an army to get him released if the police defy the Court order.

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