The court hearing on 16 Oct/20

Today Ato Lidetu appeared in Oromia Highest Court. The prosecution was supposed to read the charge brought against Ato Lidetu, which was ‘violently undermining the constitutionally established regime’.

However, the prosecution failed to disclose in advance the evidence it had on CD to Ato Lidetu and his solicitors. Based on the submission from Ato Lidetu’s solicitors, the Court ordered the prosecutor to hand in a copy of the CD to the solicitors first.

Accordingly, the Court has adjourned the hearing to 23 Oct 2020 so that Ato Lidetu’s solicitors will have enough time to go through the CD and prepare the solicitors for the court hearing.

The police also informed the Court that it had already served yesterday’s notice to Oromia Police Commission from the East Shewa High Court. But the police didn’t get any reply so far from the Oromia Police Commission.

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