Lidetu at a rally in Lalibela

Lidetu’s Court hearing on 19 Oct/20

Mr Lidetu Ayalew, one of EDP’s longest-serving leadership, appeared before East Shewa High Court today. On its last hearing on 16 Oct/20, the Court ruled on two matters. Namely, 

  1. The East Shewa High Court instructed the Bishoftu police to appear in person to Court because it repeatedly defied the Court’s order to release Lidetu on bail. And also, the Police declined to accept the Court’s notice ordering it to attend the Court to explain the matter.
  2. To establish the fact that the Oromia Police Commission has indeed executed the Court’s ruling that it released Lidetu on bail.

On the first issue, Commander Tariku Legesse from the Bishoftu Police attended the Court. The Commander explained that he is new to the case and doesn’t know anything about it. 

The Court submitted that the explanation from the Commander was insufficient and reminded the Police once again to release Lidetu. The Court also stressed that If the Commander fails to execute this order, the Court will take legal action against him. 

On the second matter, the Court ordered the Oromia Police Commission to appear in person in the Court on 21 Oct/20 and explain why it is repeatedly defying the Court order. The EDP chairman, Mr Adane, has already served this notice to the Police. 

Lidetu was arrested on 24 July 2020 and has been in police custody for the last 87 days. He appeared so far at Bishoftu Woreda Court 5 times, at East Shewa High Court 8 times and at Oromia Highest Court 4 times.

It is for the 4th time that the Court is ordering the Police to release Lidetu on bail. Despite that, the Police has been defying the Court order by not releasing Lidetu.

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