Mr Lidetu’s Court hearing on 22 Oct/20

Mr Lidetu Ayalew, one of EDP’s founder & longest-serving leadership, appeared before East Shewa High Court today.
The Court deliberated whether its yesterday’s order was executed.

Yesterday the Bishoftu police verbally explained to the Court that Mr Lidetu was “released” on his charge of possession of “unlicensed pistol” but “rearrested” for a subsequent charge of “violently undermining the constitutional order”. However, the Court ordered the police to submit the explanation in writing for today.
Based on this Court ruling, the police made two submissions in writing.

The first written submission was that the Bishoftu police were instructed to release Mr Lidetu and he was “released” as a result on 19/10/2020 with file reference 670/2013.
The second written submission was that, as Mr Lidetu was charged with “violently” undermining the constitutional order at the Oromia Highest Court, he was “rearrested” with police file reference 671/2013.

The Court then was adjourned for the 5th of Nov/20 to hear the persecution witnesses.

This is a mockery of justice on the part of the police, total disregard for the legal system and very bad precedence. Police are blatantly defying the Court’s order to release Mr Lidetu. The explanation for “releasing and rearresting” Mr Lidetu was a shamble, to say the least.

Mr Lidetu was arrested on 24 July 2020 and has been in police custody for the last 90 days. He appeared so far before Bishoftu Woreda Court 5 times, at East Shewa High Court 10 times and at Oromia Highest Court 4 times.

It is to be remembered that the police defied the Court’s order to release Mr Lidetu on bail five times.


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