EDP launches campaign manifesto

The Reporter – The Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) published its election manifesto that consists of alternative policies and other ideological points that the party wants to achieve in the upcoming election in order to become a competitor. Its main target is the youth. The party launched its 30-page manifesto on Wednesday this weekend and will […]

Credible Announcements for Low and Stable Inflation

By Abis Getachew Makuria The recent occurrence of the price increase in consumers’ commodities is expected to raise the general inflation which was at a single digit for the last 15 months. Though the government put the blame on business community, the recently observed inflation across the nation is consistent to the existing theories of […]


As you all know, a wave of protest has been observed across most universities in Oromia region in response to the new integrated master plan unveiled by government operational in the capital Addiss Ababa and five Oromiya special zone administrations in the outskirt. Following the announcement, massive rallies against the plan were held in several […]

The Paradox of Democratic and Developmental State in Ethiopia

By Abis Getachew Makuria After most African countries obtained their independence in 1960’s, their primary task was to alleviate poverty and bring their economy in the appropriate development path. On the debate of which way development and prosperity can be achieved, the leading role of the government in the economy was at the centre of the […]