Interview with Mushe Semu, President of Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP)

Source – Addis Fortune FORTUNE: The inflationary pressure in the economy developed progressively over the past five years, your party argued in the statement. General inflation has consistently increased since 2004/05, data from the Central Statistics Agency (CSA) showed. Which of the government’s policies have led to the inflationary pressure?

Emotional Farewell as Lidetu Steps Down

Source Ethiopian reporter Lidetu Ayelew, president of the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), handed over his role to secretary general of the party, Mushe Semu on the fifth general assembly of the party held Sunday, March 20.

EDP President Ato Lidetu met Senior Liberal International Officials In London

By EDP Support Committee – UK Ato Lidetu Ayalew, President of EDP, met senior Liberal International and African Liberal Network officials in London. The meeting took place, after Ato Lidetu accepted an invitation following Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) admission into Liberal International affiliated, African Liberal Network, earlier last week.